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Hardwood Floor Installation in Edmonton

Hardwood Floor Installation services are one of our other areas of expertise. We have an experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate team that can install any of the main types of hardwood or engineered floors you may be using. 

Whether you’re looking to have nailed down, glued down, click-lock, or stapled floors, we know what we’re doing. We will make sure to prep, level, and align the floorboards perfectly to give you the most beautiful finish possible. 


Hardwood Floor installation Edmonton

    Hardwood Floor Installation Process

    Here is our approach to installing your hardwood or laminate wood floors in your home.

    First, we examine the type of wood and installation method we’re going to use. Different flooring materials and installation methods will require various types of preparation and consideration. 

    Nailed Down Hardwood Floors

    If you’re interested in having nailed down hardwood floors, we need to install the subfloor properly. The subfloor needs to be sturdy and level, so when the finished product is down, it will also be perfectly flushed. 

    If your home does not have a solid sub-floor, we will need to install one. This is an additional cost to the process, but it is straightforward and quick for us to do. 

    Once we install the subfloor, we can begin setting the rest of the floor’s original alignment. Leaving an expansion gap between the wall and the first boards, we will use a line to ensure the floor will be perfectly aligned with the room’s main wall. The expansion gap is necessary for colder climates to account for the contraction and expansion of weather conditions. 

    Then, we will nail down the boards, countersinking the nails so we can fill them later. We will need to take any obstruction into account that we will need to workaround. Fireplaces, utility closets, and protruding walls are all elements we consider when installing the floor. 

    hardwood installation experts in edmonton

    Stapled Down Hardwood Floors

    The prep process for stapled hardwood floors is essentially the same for nailed down hardwood. We will ensure the room and the floor are prepped properly, and we have a solid base to staple the floorboards into. 

    The difference between nailed down and stapled hardwood floors is very minimal. Staples are slightly smaller, leaving a little less of an impact on the overall look of the floors. Most of the time, you will be using staples on engineered wood instead of real hardwood. 

    Nails would be too aggressive for laminate floors, whereas staples are light enough to provide a solid hold without damaging the laminate. A lot of the time, laminate floors will also have tongue and groove elements, which will add a little extra strength to the overall finish. 

    Glued Hardwood Floors

    Glued floors are great for concrete bases. Since concrete is such a stable and smooth surface, laying hardwood floors is a very steady process. The floorboards are easy to level as we install it on top of the glue. We ensure that we are keeping the floor level as we go along, so there are no dips and valleys across the surface. 

    Gluing floors down is more of a permanent installation process because removing the floors after installation is a bit riskier. Since the floors are secured from the bottom side, pulling them up can cause damage and ripping. So, this is something to consider when you’re deciding which method of installation you choose.

    However, gluing hardwood floors down can be one of the most stable and long-lasting hardwood floor installation forms. 

    Click-Lock Hardwood Floors

    Generally, click-lock hardwood floors will be laminate. Hardwood floors can use click-lock technology, but you are better off nailing them down for more strength. 

    Click-lock floors require an underlayment to ensure they have a surface between the bottom of the floors and the subsurface. This can be in the form of a vapor barrier or a foam underlayment that provides a slightly softer surface to lay the boards down. 

    Click-lock flooring can be an excellent option for many cases because it is easy to install, looks beautiful, is reasonably inexpensive, and easy to repair and replace. However, it doesn’t quite have the genuine beauty that hardwood floors can provide. 

    Important Considerations

    There are a few things to consider when you’re choosing the hardwood floors for your home. 

    Genuine hardwood floors will require an acclimatization process before installation. This is because hardwoods will adapt to the environment in which they will be installed. Giving hardwood floors 5-7 days laid out in the room before installation will provide ample time to acclimate the material to the room. 

    Consider the budget you’re working with as well. Hardwood floors will cost more because the installation process requires more materials and time to ensure a decent base. However, they will give you that authentically beautiful finish that you’re looking for. 

    Laminate flooring is still an excellent option because it provides a pleasant, smooth surface with a little more wiggle room in your budget. 

    Also, consider the amount of time you will need to set aside for your floors to go through the installation process. Hardwoods will require more time and work while also creating more dust and debris, which will increase the length of the installation. 

    If you want a shorter installation period, then sticking with laminate flooring may be the best option for you. 

    If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or learn more about our hardwood floor installation services. 

    hardwood floor installation in edmonton
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