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Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Edmonton

Edmonton Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Edmonton Hardwood Floor Refinishing specializes in refinishing hardwood floors, but we also do installations. If you’re looking to revive your floors and give them a clean, fresh look, we’ve got the years of experience and passion for getting the job done. The right hardwood floor refinishing team will make sure your floors are beautiful and durable for years to come. 

Pad and Re-Coat System

This is our most basic refinishing service. It is meant for hardwood floors with minor scratches and ones that need a quick re-coat. Some hardwood floors don’t need a complete resand and stain. If you’re just looking for a little touch up to give your hardwood a little makeover, this is the service for you. 

Screen and Re-Coat

Our second tier of refinishing uses an abrasion method with a screen. This enables us to repair deeper scratches and prepares the surface for excellent adhesion of a new coat.

It is suitable for hardwood floors that don’t necessarily need to be thoroughly sanded down and re-coated but require a slightly deeper level of attention. 

Sand and Re-Coat

If you’ve got a damaged hardwood floor that needs a complete overhaul, a full sand and re-coat may be necessary. With our most comprehensive service, you get your floors sanded down to the original wood surface. We then coat the hardwood with multiple layers of high-quality varnish to give it that brand new look. 

Our sand and re-coat service will save you the cost of replacing your floors and make them look just as new. The satisfaction our customers feel when they see their tired old floors is worth the effort. Seeing them come back to life is worth the hard work that goes into reviving their hardwoods. 

How To Know Which Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service Is Right For Me?

The best way to know which hardwood floor refinishing service you need is to give us a call for a free quote. One of our experienced team members will be happy to come and speak with you directly to discuss your options. Then, you can make the decision that is right for your hardwood floors and your budget. 

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Edmonton
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